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How to wear a kilt (Video)


Let's Wear with Pride!

Our kilt outfits have quite a few different pieces to them. The shirt and socks should go on first followed by the flashes, sgian dubh and brogues. Next the kilt with kilt pin attached, tie, waistcoat and your chosen sporran. Lastly we can top it all off with your preferred jacket and waistcoat choice, this is the final touch that really stages your outfit and with our help compliment your chosen tartan perfectly. Follow the tips & watch the video on this page and you will truly look the part!




TIP: Jacket and Waistcoat

The style is your choice. All jackets are available with the option of a five-button waistcoat and your chosen finish.

TIP: Shirt and Tie

For a modern look to your outfit wear a Victorian collar shirt with a Ruch tie or if you prefer self-tying, tie down with a stylish Windsor knot.

TIP: The Kilt

Your kilt should be worn with the pleats to the rear and the fringes on the right hand side. It is high on the waist, at the tummy button - this is the correct way to wear a kilt as it will allow it to drop down to the top of the knee.

TIP: Kilt Pin

A decorative item which should not be used to pin the kilt aprons together. Place the kilt pin through the stop apron. Positioning of the pin can vary but roughly an inch above the bottom of the kilt and an inch in from the side.

TIP: Belt and Buckle

These should be worn through the kilt loops located at the rear and then fastened on the front just above the sporran. The belt is optional when wearing a waistcoat.

TIP: Sporran

The sporran is worn at the front of the kilt with the chain strap going through the loops of the kilt at the rear. It is worn four finger widths from the top of the kilt.

TIP: Kilt Hose (Socks)

The hose are usually worn two finger widths below the knee with the embroidered top section folded back on it. Traditionally, cream-coloured hose are worn with the kilt; black or grey, however, are considered more contemporary.

TIP: Kilt Flashes

Available in tartan to match the kilt or solid colours. The flashes should be worn on the outside of the calves and the garter should be hidden under the fold of the sock.

TIP: Sgian Dubh

Often a favourite gift idea for the Best Man or Groom, this can be worn on either leg, tucked into the hose at the side of the calf with the handle of the Sgian Dubh protruding from the hose.

TIP: Plaid and Brooch

This item is completely down to preference: however it can add more detail and panache. The plaid is worn over the left shoulder with the brooch’s weight helping hold it in place. At a wedding, The Groom or Groom and Best Man may choose to wear plaid and brooch, to give them even more distinction, individuality and prominence.

TIP: Ghillie Brogues (Shoes)

These kilt shoes have long laces and no tongue. There are many different ways to tie the laces, the traditional method is: hold the laces together and twist 5-6 times then wrap the laces round the back of the leg and back round the front. Tie a knot and leave the tassels dangling at the front.